Can’t Even Breathe

I used to write poetry and songs a lot back in the day, most prolifically between 2009-2013. Some of them are iffy, some I really enjoy… most are very unfinished. I did want to share this one though, from 2013.

Moonshine lovers in a silly daydream
Summertime naps, strawberries and cream
Here side by side, hands on your skin
Makin’ me laugh with your quirky grin

Can’t sleep, can’t breathe, can’t live
Without you

Kissing my fingers and driving me mad
Making me realize what I never had
To me no-one else can be who you are
The tilt of the earth and bright falling stars

Can’t sleep, can’t breathe, can’t live
Without you

Wanna kiss till we’re weak at the knees
Love on you boy till we can’t even breathe
Will you be my lover, last kiss goodnight
I want every piece of you, if that’s all right
Is that all right?

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